What is your role at Basundari?

I am the co-owner of Basundari, together with Bjorn. My role (together with Bjorn) is to make Basundari the best retreat center in the world. I believe that, to become the best retreat center, we have to listen. Listen to our guests, listen to our team and listen to the nature that surrounds Basundari. By listening we can improve – and by improving we will become the best.

Tell me something about yourself

I’m a Dutch who has a passion of getting out of the comfort zone. I always want to try something that other people are too afraid of trying, because that’s where the the real opportunities are! Basundari is a great example of that, acquiring it in the height of the pandemic. I believe that luck is something you choose, by choosing to take that opportunity (that might fear you).

What is your favourite Indonesian dish?

My favourite dish is Nasi Goreng (fried rice). It’s such a simple, but delicious dish that I can always eat!

Berend van Grootel

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